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The UnMute podcast is a monthly podcast hosted and produced by Myisha Cherry. It is called UnMute because we want to provide a platform to people and topics that have not been given much attention in mainstream philosophy. 

UnMute is focused on providing informal and accessible conversations about social, political, and ethical issues from a fresh, fun, and philosophical perspective. We talk with a diverse group of philosophers as they give their take on controversial issues, pop culture, and the political and ethical dramas of our day.

The UnMute experience is philosophical hip-hop and unapologetic intellectual jazz. It's a home-cooked meal made for the everyday citizen. Don't know what philosophy is? This podcast is for you. Want to get a fresh perspective about politics? This podcast is for you. Want to go deep, but keep your head above water? This podcast is for you.


Myisha Cherry

Myisha Cherry




Myisha Cherry is a philosopher interested in ethics and  political philosophy with special interests in forgiveness and the nature and role of emotions in the public sphere. She is also interested in how the above intersects with issues of race, gender, and justice. 

Myisha also writes publicly as a blogger at the Huffington Post and has written for the LA Times and In 2013 she started the UnMute Podcast- a philosophy podcast where she chats with young, diverse philosophers about the social and political issues of our day. She has appeared on BET and HuffPost Live and has spoken at SXSWedu and TEDx.  

Although she has over 10 years of university experience and have given talks at places like Princeton, Harvard, and University of Michigan, she is most proud to have taught philosophy and learned from Bank Street high school students in Harlem, brilliant formerly incarcerated New Yorkers, as well as mentored diverse, future philosophers through PIKSI-Penn State and Rutger's Summer Institute.  

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